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Category:Adele albums Category:2012 live albums Category:Live albums recorded at the Royal Albert Hall Category:RCA Records live albumsThe Bitcoin-Based Platform Ethereum is being updated with two new projects. One of them is called Augur, an app that is focused on the prediction market. The other one is called Golem, which is a peer-to-peer marketplace for people to rent out their computing power. Ethereum is a platform that was originally created to serve as a decentralized, blockchain-based replacement for the world’s financial systems. This platform was inspired by Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that was created in 2009 and has been growing ever since. The original platform for Bitcoin was written in a programming language called Bitcoin Script. Ethereum was also created with the same script. When Ethereum was first created, it was very difficult to create and run decentralized apps (dApps). At the time, the Ethereum platform was only able to process about 10 transactions per second. That number has grown over the years and currently stands at about a quarter million transactions per second. Golem Golem is a service that connects users with the computing power needed to run decentralized applications. The goal of the platform is to create a decentralized, user-controlled marketplace for computing power. The decentralized marketplace is called Golem and it is currently the primary focus of the Ethereum platform. The user interface for Golem is a browser extension. The user simply chooses which website they would like to run. Golem’s browser extension then allows them to select the virtual computer that they would like to use. The second part of Golem is the network of computers. Right now, there is a network of nearly 40,000 computers, but this number is expected to grow substantially. As more computers join the network, the cost of using Golem becomes cheaper for the computer’s owner. The computer owner can then use the computers to run the application for a very low price. This is essentially how people are able to rent out their computers to run decentralized applications. Augur Augur is an app that was created as a replacement for traditional stock market predictions. The app utilizes the underlying Ethereum network to create decentralized predictions. Augur utilizes the Augur token to validate the results of predictions. Right now, Augur is a purely Ethereum-based platform, but the team is looking into the possibility of integrating the app into the Bitcoin blockchain. Augur was designed to ac619d1d87

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